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"Love?" You heard someone call. It was to early in the morning, so you turned over in bed. You heard the voice chuckle, before the bed shifted. Opening your (eye color) eyes open, you saw Arthur, your boyfriend of three years, lied there, smiling at you with his beautiful green eyes gleaming. You smiled, snuggling into him. He held you close. "Now you're not going to get up, are you?" he asked.
"No." You said, melting into his soft embrace. He chuckled.
"Come on love, I've prepare-er-I mean, bought us breakfast." he said. You chuckled. Arthur couldn't cook, so he would tend to buy breakfast from the local store down the street. You laughed, kissing his nose.
"Then lets go enjoy our food." You said. Arthur grinned, standing up and taking your hand, lifting you from the bed and both of you headed downstairs. In the living, everything was ready for the holidays. The tree was up, the decorations were ready, and tomarrow was Christmas! Arthur walked into the kitchen and brought out a bag of food from the store.
"Let's see." he said, setting it onto the table. You looked and quickly opened the bag. Inside were some bagels, a tiny carton (favorite juice/drink), and some other breakfast goodies. You grinned. "What would you like?" He asked. Pulling out a bagel with (butter/cream cheese), you wrapped it and took  a big bite!
"So good~" You said. Arthur laughed. Taking his finger, he wiped the bit of crumb from your lips.
"The food is suppose to go into your mouth, love." he said with a smile. Looking over to him, you smiled. He let his hand linger on your cheek for a minute, which immediatly made you go into a kiss, still holding your bagel. He grinned and pulled you close, wrapping his arms around your tiny waist. When you parted, you kissed him quickly again.
"Artie." You said. He rolled his eyes, making you giggle. He hated that name. "I love you." He smiled.
"I love you to." He replied, giving a kiss to your forehead. "Now, let's eat, then I want to take you out and about for the best Christmas Eve ever." You grinned, as the both of you sat down.
After breakfast, you both headed upstairs to get dressed. You changed into a simple yet warm blouse with jeans and a scarf. Fixing your hair and make-up, you headed downstairs, where Arthur waited.
"You look stunning." he said. You grinned and hugged him. He returned the hug.
"Come on, let's go." He said, taking your hand and leading you out the door. The minute you stepped outside, a rush of cold air hit you, and you screamed, hugging yourself.
"Wow it's cold!" You cried. Arthur laughed, pulled you close. He took off his jacket and handed it to you. "Huh?" You blinked.
"Take it love. I want you to be warm." he said. You shook your head.
"No way! It's to cold for you not to wear a jacket." You said, hugging him tighter. "Keep it on so I don't need to watch over your sick ass because you decided to be stupidly romantic." You said with a laugh. Arthur grinned.
"Fine...." he said, putting the jacket back on. "Where to?" he asked. You took his hand and the both of you began to walk.
"It's to packed for the mall..." you said. "And it's not lunch time yet. Want to just walk aorund?" you asked. Arthur smiled.
"Alright." He replied. "Oh hold on." Then he took your scarf and covered your face. "You're nose was getting red." You laughed, moving the scarf so you could see, as the both of you were on your way.
While in the square, you saw many street performers, and it baffled you how they could proform in so little clothing when it's so cold. However, you tossed some money into the jars every once in awhile. Soon, you two managed to let time slip away, and found out it was almost close to dinner time.
Blast! England thought to himself. </i> I need to get something important. </i> "H-hey love." He said. You looked over.
"What's wrong, Arthur? You asked. He blinked.
"I forgot, there's one last present I need to buy for tomarrow, okay? So, do you mmind if I meet you back home?" He asked. You smiled.
"Yeah of course." You kissed his cheek. "I'll get diner started, okay?" He nodded.
"Perfect. I won't be long love." He said, heading down the street. You smiled, turning around and heading back to the house quickly, to prepare dinner. England looked over his shoulder and grinned as he saw your figure walk around the corner two streets behind, and he entered the jewlery shop.
*Skip to Christmas morning*
You opened your eyes, and the first thing you saw were Arthur fluffy pajamas. Smiling, you looked up at him, and saw his green eyes hidden behind eyelids. You sat up, kissing his forehead. "Arthur?" You called, shaking him lightly. He groaned, oepning his eyes slightly. "Merry Christmas." You said. He sat up, smiling as he gave you a warm kiss.
"Merry Christmas, love." He said. "Come on, let'se go see if Santa stopped by." He siad with a goofy grin. You laughed, getting up from bed and stratching. Arthur and you headed outside, and saw presents under the tree. Like a child, you ran over to the tree and sat down, Arthur beside you. He smiled as the both of you headed into your presents, opening them and scattering wrapping paper.
As soon as all the presents were opened, you and Arthur sat in a sea of  wrapping paper, admiring the clothes and all. You even bought Arthur a 'Cooking for Dummies' book.
"That sucks." You said. "Over so soon." Arthur chuckled, before he remembered something.
"Not just yet love." Arthur said with a flashy grin. He crawled to the tree, pulling out one more gift from behind. "There's one left." he said. And he handed it to you. It was a tiny box in a heart, wrapped in (favorite color) wrapping paper.
"What is this?" you asked, pulling the wrapping paper off.
"You'll see once you open it, love." he said with a giggle. Once it was open, you saw a heart shapped red velvet box. Blinking, you were confused. "Open it..the box isn't the gift." You giggled, opening the box to reveal a beautiful diamond engament ring. You gasped.
"A-arthur..." you said breathlessly. He smiled.
"Love...." he said, going up to you and smiling. "..Will you be my Christmas present this year, and marry me?" Tears welled up in your eyes, and you flung your arms around his neck.
"Yes yes yes!" You cried. "A million times yes!" Arthur pulled you, but managed to fall on his back. You giggled.
"I love you so much (name.)" he said, kissing you passionatly.
"I love you too." You said. "Merry Christmas."
Best. Christmas. Ever.
This is a request for :iconthevocaloidfan:. They wanted a fluffy EnglandxReader. And for the holidays, alot of them will be Christmas themed. LOL. I still have request slots open, so make a request here: [link]

England belongs to Hetalia
You belong to England
Story by me
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