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July 1, 2012
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You're eyes widened more. That thing was just there! And now it's....gone?! Where's the logic! You looked around your room, seeing nothing but the shadows of your belongings. You sighed, as you laid back down in bed and drifted off to sleep.
--Le Time Skip--
"Peter eat your breakfast." Arthur said, sliding a third and final pancake onto his sons plate. Luckily, they were frozen pancakes.
"Okay!" Peter said, egarly swallowing down the food. You descended down the stairs, rubbing your eyes.
"Oh, good morning ________. Breakfast is ready."
"Mhm! Pancakes!" Peter said happily. You walked up to the cabinet and took out the (fave cereal) box and the milk. Pouring it into a bowl, you sat at the table in silence.
"________....are you alright?" Arthur asked. You looked up at him and nodded.
"Yeah dad..I'm fine." You replied, taking a bite of your cereal.
"I heard you talk in your sleep night. You were calling out 'Who's there?" and those things. When I came to check on you, were asleep." You stiffened a bit. "You sure everything's okay?"
"Um...yeah. I just had a nightmare. That's all." You lied, glancing away from your dad's gaze. Arthur walked up to you.
"___________, you're my daughter. I can tell when you're lying." You clentched your eyes shut.
"Dad I'm fine!" You cried, storming upstairs. Arthur looked at you as you ran up the stairs, then looked to his son and sighed.
You sat in your room, angrily cursing your dad under your breath. Suddenly, you felt a rush of cold air. Looking around, you saw nothing.
"Did I leave the window open?" You asked yourself, going over to the window and pulling up the curtians, to see it was closed and locked. Your heart started racing faster. Suddenly, you heard something fall on the floor. Glancing behind you, you saw your (fave stuffed animal) had fallen off the shelf in your room. You went to pick it up, and held it close. Suddenly, the door locked shut. You ran to the door, pulling on it, thinking it was your brother trying to prank you. "Ah! Let me out! Seriously!" You wailed. Suddenly, you felt something behind you. Your eyes widened as you turned around to see...
...nothing. You took a deep breath as Arthur rushed into your room.
"___________! Are you alright?!" He cried. Peter stood behind him. You looked over and hugged him, crying and shaking from fear. "_________? ________What's wrong?" Arthur asked.
"I...I think this room is haunted..." You mumbled into your father's cheast.
"Why would you say that?" Arthur asked.
"I just got locked in my room, and last night I saw a shadow and...and I felt cold air. And I feel tension whenever I'm in here!" You cried.
" know ghosts aren't real."
"________ that's diffrent. Those were my imaginary friends when I was young. The house is not there's a ghost in this room, bang on the wall."
You three stood in silence, nothing happening.
"See, nothing... _______ it's all in your head." Arthur ruffled your hair, before taking Peter out of the room. You felt like you were going to burst into hysterics. "Now let's get going. We're going to see the town today." You nodded, excited about leaving the house. You quickly put on clothes, and closed your closet. But then, turning around, you saw on your bed a figure. The same black figure as last night.
"You again?" You whispred. "W-who are you?" The black figure did something, it looked like it had nodded, before dissapearing. "What the-?" You trembled. "I can't take this..." You mumbled, running out of your room and down the steps.
--Le Time Skip--
Arthur carried a sleeping Peter into the house later that night. You followed inside.
"Alright, today went well good. Why don't you go to bed too ________?" You stiffened.
"Um..can I sleep on the couch tonight?" you asked.
"I just really want too." Arthur shook his head.
"Are you still worried about the entire ghost thing? I told you there's nothing to wirry about." You sighed, nodding.
"Okay...good-night dad."
"Good-night." Your father said, watching you walk up the stairs. You entered your room, and immediatly felt the tension you had felt before, like someone was with you. You tried to ignore it and lied down in bed, closing your (e/c) eyes away from the world.
Time passed, and it was arond 3 a.m. now.  You suddenly felt something at your feet. Fluttering your eyes open, you sat up, and looked around. Nothing, as usual. Suddenly, you're eyes widened and your mouth went dry. There, at the foot of your bed, was a shadow. A shadow of a boy, around your age, with a cowslick in his hair, which you couldn't make out the color. He wore an old, tattered, American Revolution uniform, and it looked ripped, bloody, and dirty. He starred at you with ice blue eyes. He did nothing but stare. You're breathing grew heavy as he dissapeared, and then reappeared  at your bedside. You're eyes followed, and suddenly, without your brain warning you, you screamed at the top of your lungs.
Chapter 2, fuck yeah! Enjoy your ghostly America!

America, England, and Sealand belong to Healia
You belong to you
Story by me
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NeoSailorCrystal Jul 3, 2012  Student Digital Artist
It's a good thing I chose not to read this last night in bed :D I hope you can add more very soon!
Im trying to finish up chapter 3 hehe.
RedDeathHots Jul 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Alfred you jerk why are you messin with me?!! :iconcraiplz:
RedDeathHots Jul 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Alfred you meanie-head!!! :iconomgnoesplz:
i'm terrified of ghosts so i would've done the exact same thing as Reader-tan XD
YES! But don't worry, it'll get less scary.
RedDeathHots Jul 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i hope so ^^
xXDiaryXCosplayXx Jul 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is scary but awesome at the same time i hope you make more!~
xXDiaryXCosplayXx Jul 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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