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June 23, 2012
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Arthur Kirkland sat in class, his bushy eyebrows covered by his sunshine blond hair, and his grass green eyes lazily starred at the marker board in his History Class. It's only been five minutes that passed since class started, but Arthur feels that it should have been twenty.
"And now.." Mrs. Pangea, Arthur's plump history teacher said before she was loudly interuppted.
"YO YO YO!" An obnoxious voice boomed in through the class. A boy with dusty blonde hair, a cowslick, and ocean blue eyes blocked by clear square glasses walked in, holding a hamburger in one hand, and a 2 liter bottle of Coca-Cola in the other. Arthur looked up at the boy as soon as he heard all the girls squeal and swoon.
Arthur's P.O.V.
It was Alfred Jones, the star football player, and major hottie of Hetalia High. I rolled my eyes at the 'chick magnet' that stood before me and my 8th period class. Well, not really a chick magnet, that's just how he would describe himself around his friends.
"Mr. Jones." Mrs. Pangea said, crossing her arms. "I will not tolerate tardiness, were have you been?"
"Well..." Alfred begn as he swallowed his burger. "...Last period was lunch, so I went to McDonalds, right. Then, I met up with some girls, and we hung out for the longest time bro, and I lost track of time. But hey.." he smirked playfully. "...Detentions my second home, so I don't mind if I'm their again, bro."
Oh yeah, Alfred is also the schools bad boy. He gets dention all the time, and is barely passing classes just so he can play football.
"Fine Alfred, two week dentions." Mrs. Pangea said, going to her desk and pulling out a pink slip as she began to write Alfred's name.
"Whatever dude..." Alfred shrugged, and went to go sit in his seat.
"Alfred, you really should learn more from Arthur. He is one of my top students." Almost immediatly, I felt the eyes of each kid in the class turn towards me. A red blush appeared on my face, but I managed to cover it up with a folder. "He never is late, or absent, and gets excellent grades. He's a role model for all juniors in this school." I groaned at the teacher's comment, only making me look like more of a bad guy because she's praising me and not "Alfred the Great".
When school was finally out, I collected my books, and grabbed my bag off the chair of my seat, slining it over my shoulder before walking out to my locker. I grabbed my history, math, and science belongings, since those were the only ones I had homework in today. As I closed my locker, I heard giggling. Turning my head slightly, I saw Alfred, walking down the hall with a football, and, as usual, girls following his every movement, his obnoxious laugh bouncing off the walls of the school and into my poor ears. I scoffed, closing the door and walking down the hallway. I finally reached the front door, but then I heard a loud crack. People screamed, other made a big deal of it, as if it were a celebrity they had seen, but I just felt my heart sink.
Normal P.O.V.
Arthur opened the door just as another crack of thunder hit. He looked at the sky to see rain drop after rain drop plummeting to the surface.
"D-damn it..." he mumbled. "Allistor is out today, and their nobody to pick me up...and their no way I'm taking that smelly yellow trolly thing..." Arthur sighed. "I suppose I'm walking." He stepped out into the rain with one foot, which immediatly got soaked. Arthur began to walk down the street to his house, putting his bag over his head so his hair would atleast stay dry.
He walked down the street, the rain soaking straight through his bag, and now making his hair damp.
"Bloody hell..." The Englishman said.
Alfred's P.O.V.
I stepped outside of school, and noticed it was raining.
"Aw man, what the hell?" I groaned.
"Hey Al!" Someone called. I glanced over and saw my two friends, Craig and Matt. "We'll see ya round!"
"Bye!" I waved as they ran down the hallway were their girlfriends, Destiny and Brielle were waiting for them. I looked back at the rain. "Well, good thing my mom put my umbrella in my football bag." I said to myself as I pulled out my blue umbrella. "Off we go." And I began to walk down the road.
I walked alittle longer until I noticed someone. He had on the same school uniform as me, although his was less wrinkly and more polished than mine, plus drenched in the rain. He also had blonde hair. I recognized who it was almost immediatly.
"Arthur, bro!" I cried.
Arthur's P.O.V.
I glanced over and saw Alfred run up to me with his blue umbrella. I groaned as he approached.
"Hello Alfred.." I mumbled.
"Yo!" He smiled. "You look drenched bro, here, borrow my umbrella." I blushed at his comment. It was so sudden, and so sweet of him to actually offer something, I couldn't believe it was actually him. Unless, he was joking around and trying to see how I'll react. That jerk.
"No no, I'm fine, thanks."
"Dude, you're backpack is soaked through. Here." He shoved the umbrella over my head. "You definatly need this."
"Yeah but you need it too." He scoffed.
"What? Dude my coach makes me practice in the rain all the time. I'm use to it." Alfred said. I smiled a bit, taking my bag away from my head. I looked at Alfred as his hair began to stick to his forehead. We both began to walk down the path in silence. "So dude..." He said after a minute or two.
"Yes?" I asked.
"Remember when in history, Mrs. Pangea said I should be more like you?" He asked, glancing at me. I scoffed and looked at the floor.
"Don't remind me, that was the most embarassing thing ever."
"Why?" Alfred asked with a chuckle.
"Because everyone hates me because she praises me all the time, and hates you."
"Well that's dumb." Alfred said, looking up at the sky, rain pelting on his glasses. "But seriously, maybe I should take her up on the offer."
"Why?" I asked quickly.
"Becuase..." he said. "You get good grades, and if I did to, I wouldn't need to worry about getting kicked off the football team, plus I'll have something to look foward to after school. All I do is sit home."
"Really?" I asked, amazed. He nodded. "Everyone says you go home, throw your homework to the floor, then go out and party."
"Pfft!" America bursted out laughing. "No way bro! What the hell!? BWAHAHA!" I rolled my eyes at his laughter. "No but seriously dude, would you tutor me?" He asked. I glanced at him and nodded.
"It'd be my pleasure, Alfred." Alfred threw his fist in the air.
"ALRIGHT THEN IT'S SETTLED!" He cried. I chuckled.
Maybe, juuuust maybe, Alfred Jones wasn't such a jerk after all.
This is my first actual fanfic! And I did it of USUK! I really liked the story plot, Arthur is the nerd and Alfred is the dickweed.

USUK Is in my top 10 Hetalia pairings, being my OTP actually. So I'm going to write a one-shot about all of them.
Top 10:
FrUK (I know most people don't pair one person twice, but I can't decide! Their both so amazing.)
and last but definatly not least

Maybe you guys will disagree about my choices, but this is my opinion so no negitive comments about it please because I will hide it.

America, and England belong to Hetalia
Story by me
Picture isn't mine, I found it on Tumblr.

EDIT: I changed it from One-shot to Chapter 1 because so many people want me to continue with a tutoring session, so I will!
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BelleMaske Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, very cute! The umbrella is doubly appropriate since in Japan, the image of people under an umbrella is synonymous with the Western names in a heart! So adorable!
ButterflyXMoonlight Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
*cough* Your forgot AmeChu and UKCan (A few of my favorites besides Spamano and GerIta) X3
xXAmanda-RebeccaXx Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012
Those are my next two favorite pairings!!! I lurve them so much!!!!
ButterflyXMoonlight Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer

My fav pairings in order:
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2nd chapter, anyone?
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Im writing it soon
GGTheOtakuHero Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

But please, don't add hard lemmon, I think that would ruin the story

Good plot, by the way.
xXAmanda-RebeccaXx Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012
Oh I wont add lemon, trust me. This is a fluff, not a hard-cord sex story XD

But thanks.
hetalialover345 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
i give this two thumbs up
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