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Arthur's P.O.V.
During school, Alfred hung around his friends and I hung around mine. We'd said hello to eachother many times  in the hallways, and from what I know Alfred's grades have drastically improved. I was impressed, very impressed. And I was well...oh how do I say it.....falling in love, I suppose. He is so sweet and strong, other teenagers don't tease me anymore. I was at my locker, when I saw a boy lean beside me. I looked over.
"Hello there Artie~" I glared at him, and he laughed. "Arthur..." Nodding my head, I smiled.
"Hello there Alfred." I said as I closed my locker. "Are you coming over?" He smiled.
"Course I am~" he said with a grin. "Oh and get this dude..." I blinked as he dug in his hoodie pockets. Pulling out a folded up paper, he unfolded it and handed it to me. I looked at it.
"Our history test?" I asked, confused.
"Yeah dude. Check the top." I looked up, and saw a 95! In big red marking! I widened my eyes adn looked at the blonde.
"A ninty-five!?" I cried in disbelief. He grinned.
"Yep!" Without thinking, I hugged him tightly.
"This is fantastic chap!" I said happily. Blinking, I looked up at him, and saw his face red. My face turned red as well, as I stepped back. "I-" I coughed. "-My apologizes....."
"D-don't worry Art......" he smiled. "Cmon let's get going." And closing my locker, I slung my bookbag over my shoulders, and walked out of the school with him. Our walk was silent for moments, neither of us knowing what to say. We never did. I sighed, looking up at him.
"When we get home...we should study for our Geometry test, right?" Alfred nodded, smilng.
"Yeah." I nodded, looknig back down, as silence filled our walked again. Once we reached home, I opened the door. Walking inside, we heard a voice.
"AYE! IF IT ISN'T LIL ARTIE!" I groaned as Aliistor came up to me, patting my head. "Bring ya boyfrined again, aye?" I growled at him. Allistor grins. "Aint he thee supastar in ya school that ya had your eye on?" I shoved him down onto his backside.
"THAT'S NONE OF YOUR BLOODY BUISNESS!!!! Wanker..." I groaned. "Come on Alfred..." Alfred awkardly followed me upstairs. I heard the sounds of my younger brother, Peter, inside his room with his friend Travis. Peter was screaming and cheering, which tended to frighten Travis. I kicked his door. "SUCH THE HECK UP PETER!"
"YOU SHUT UP BUSHY BROWS!" I blushed red as Alfred bursted into laughed.
"Artie your family is awesome..." He said thought happy tears. I rolled my eyes, entering my room. Alfred closed the door, and plopped down onto the chair beside me as I pulled out my Geometry. "Alright so our test is on those stupid"
"Square roots....squaring..." I stated. "Any of that ringing a bell?" He shook his head.
"Nope. Just thinking about your random hug." A grin came across his face. I blsuhed, looking away.
"I said I was sorry for that...." Suddenly, he got closer to my face, blushing darkly, although he smiled. "What are you doing?" I asked nervously.
"Just...never nice your eyes look......" I blushed darker, looking away.
"S-shut up you wanker...." I grumbled. Refusing, he took his hand, moving ym chin to look at him. He also pulled my computer chair closer, making out breaths mingle together as  we starred at eachother. "A-alfred..." I said breathlessly. He smiled, before leaning in and planting a soft kiss on my lips. My face turned a bright red, and before I could, react, he pulled away. I was blushing, biting my lip, and he smiled his usual boyish smile.
"You're lips are really soft....softer then any girls I've kissed." I didn't know how to respond to that. But I knew I wanted to kiss him again.
"I....Alfred..." I bit my lip as we both leaned in to kiss again. But before I could savor his McDonald lips, there was a crash of thunder outside, and lightning lit up the room. This made us bash heads.
"AH!" We cried, groaning in pain. "What the bloody hell!?" Looking up, I noticed the lightning had turned off the power as rain poured outside and the thunedr rumbled. "Are you okay?" I asked him.
"Yeah dude don't worry...." he smiled. I looked outside. It was down pouring. "Guess I'm getting drenched when I go home."
"No! You're staying here tonight! There's no bloody way your'e going out there!" Alfred chuckled.
"Alright then."
Later that night, I climbed into bed, lying on my stomach. What  a day. That American sure had an appetite. Snuggling into my pillow, I was ready for a wonderful sleep. But unfortunatly, my door opened. "Artie?" When I snarled, he chuckled. "Can I sleep with you tonight?" Blushing, I looked over, to see him already climbing into bed with me .
"G-get you yo bloody wanker!" I cried. "My Mum will go bonkers if she sees this!" Alfred only smiled, pulling me close to his body.
"Yeah...but it's a heros duty to protect others....and you looked pretty horrified of the lightning and thunder...." He stated, teasingly running a hand down my back. I blushed, pulling away from his grasp.
"No I was not....git." Suddenly, thunder shook the house, and I jumped, tuckin myself back into Alfred's embrace. He snickered. "M-maybe I am...a-a bit..." I grumbled under my breath. " can stay in her with me tonight." I said, before lying down, my back facing him.
"Aw what? Cmon face meeee." he whined like a child. I turned to him.
"You are such a child." I stated. He smiled, lying down facing me, putting his glasses on my nightstand. I closed my eyes, before hearing.
"What now?" I asked, opening one lazy eyes. He then pulled her close to his body.
"Thanks....for helping me..." he said gently, before I felt him plant a gentle kiss on my forehead.
" problem...." I mumbled shlyly, blushing wildly.
"Heh...goodnight...." He said gently. I smiled, closing my eyes as I nuzzled my head into his cheast.
Finally got up another chapter of 'Just Maybe' They've finally kissed!!! ^w^ How adoraableee~ But are the official? Hmmmmm

Alfred, Arthur, Allistor, Travis, and Peter belong to Hetalia
Stroy by me
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